Why Weddings Run Late: Part Two

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Weddings run late, we get it! And if you're reading this you're trying to gather all the information possible to keep your wedding running smoothly and on time. If you haven't yet, then head over to Why Wedding Run Late: Part One, to check out the full list.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: There's just no polite way to put this. Wedding parties cause the most delays in a wedding timeline. We've learned how to prep the couples on how much time we need, and when, in order to capture and photograph everything they want, but what is still a struggle is figuring out how to get the rest of the wedding party on the same page. When you hire professional HMUA's they'll show up and be ready to start the first person on time, but if the bridesmaids who are supposed to start aren't there, then suddenly the rest of the schedule is thrown off.

Oftentimes it causes the wedding party to get all their photos taken after the ceremony, which then pushes family photos back, which in turn delays everything with the reception by at least half an hour. Imagine cocktail hour, dinner, cake cutting, first dance, etc...all thrown off schedule. And if there's one thing that everyone knows is dinner starts on time! No one wants to have a mass of people hungry, and as much as I love those commercials, giving grandma a Snickers might not cut it.

Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are very important parts of your wedding. They're your best friends. The people who you love so much that you want them to stand with you on one of the biggest days of your life. Our advice is that each of them is given a printed out copy of the schedule, and if there's any tasks that they are performing, it needs to be written down and included. So if cousin Marcy needs to be getting her hair done at 9am, but is also supposed to bring the flower girl's dresses and shoes, make sure it's written down and in her hand. If the groomsmen are helping with any sort of set-up make sure they know exactly when they're supposed to stop and get ready. It helps everyone to have a checklist and a deadline of when they need to be where. It also reminds them that while it's your day, that they are a very important and integral part of the entire day.

No Timekeeper: You're spending the morning with your closest friends sipping on mimosas and having such a great time. Then the photographer arrives and it's an ice cold wake-up that no one is nearly as ready as they intended to be because everyone lost track of time.

The last thing we want is for our Bride to see us and suddenly get stressed on running late. Designating a bridesmaid to be the keeper of the time will not only mean you still get to enjoy a morning of pampering and champagne, but that it'll be done without disrupting the schedule. This bridesmaid should have a detailed copy of the timeline (one that includes who gets their hair and makeup done at what time too) and be the gentle reminder throughout the morning to keep everything moving along. Then when we show up everyone's almost finished getting ready and are all in good spirits!

Pinterest DIY: We love Pinterest just as much as the next guy. We even have our own set of Pinterest boards that our couples love to follow for their own wedding inspiration! It's full of ideas on, well, everything! Lots of Brides will see something on Pinterest that they love and want to create last minute (I'm talking within two weeks of wedding date here) only for it to not look as great, or even fall apart. This can be, and has been, the trigger for a huge meltdown come wedding day.

Our solution is to have these tasks completed and delegated to appropriate people long before the wedding day to avoid any interruptions in your timeline, and also avoid the stress that something has gone wrong. Some of our Brides have chosen to schedule times, months in advance, with the bridesmaids to all get together and work on these fun Pinterest projects. This is especially a good idea if not everyone knows each other. It'll give them a chance to bond before the day of, which really translates in photos later on!

Did you find our list helpful? We hope so! Can you think of anything we missed? Comment below to let us know!

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