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As we go throughout our lives it's impossible to not make meaningful connections. Unfortunately some of those lives have been snuffed out by the hand of fate, and are no longer with us, but that doesn't mean they can't be honored at your wedding. Here is a list of about a dozen ways to give a nod to those who are still with us in spirit, and in our hearts.

1. Reserve a seat

Reserve a special seat in the front row at your ceremony. Some choose to place a rose in that space, and others have chosen to place mementos and pictures of the loved one the seat is for.

2. A moment of reflections

Have a moment of reflection/silence at the start of the ceremony.

3. Pin their photo/momento on your bouquet

Let's be honest, it doesn't have to be a photo. Brides have tied their father's wedding rings to their bouquets, their grandmother's broach, pieces of a loved ones clothes, or even mother's necklace. The point is carrying a piece of your loved one with you throughout the day, and as a Bride is seldom without her bouquet, it's a perfect accessory to tie the memento to.

4. Include a recipe

It can be a favorite dish during the appetizers, during dinner service, or even with dessert. Including a past one's favorite recipe is a way to share that love with all your guests. If it's a treat that can be doubled as a party favor, include the recipe for the guests to take home.

5. A toast in their honor

When the toasts are said and done it's typical for the couple to say a few words. This is a perfect time to mention the ones who are no longer with us, and to toast in their honor. What can make it extra special is to toast with the person's favorite drink. Was grandpa a fan of a particular bourbon or scotch? Including those personal touches add a layer of respect and thoughtfulness that all who knew him will cherish.

6. Have a memory table

Set up a table with photos and flowers. If there are multiple people who have passed, this is a way to include all of them, and share those with your family and friends.

7. Wearing an heirloom item

If great-grandma kept a string of pearls or even her wedding veil this might be a wonderful way to honor her. Also, it doubles as your something borrowed, or something old. The photos of you wearing these items, in turn, will become precious to generations to come.

8. In loving memory of

Adding an, "In loving memory of..." in your program is a touching tribute.

9. Play a song

Music soothes the soul they say. Is there a special song that reminds you of your mother, grandmother, or aunt? During the specialty dances play that song, and dance with whoever was closest to that person. There might be a few tears shed, but that's the good stuff in life, and what truly touches our souls.

10. Make a donation

In lieu of wedding gifts have your guests make a donation in the name of your loved one. Make it extra meaningful by having the charity be tied to the one whose passed.

11. Light a candle

Light a candle for each family and friend who cannot be at your wedding.

12. Ceremony Entrance

Having a decorated entrance down the aisle is a popular choice. Many Brides and Grooms choose to place photos on either side so that it's almost as if they're part of the ceremony itself.

13. Cuff-links

It's not just Brides that have the option of wearing something to honor a loved one whose passed. Your groom could wear cuff-links, a tie, watch...pretty much anything that belong to, or honors that person.

There's no wrong way to say, "I love you and wish you were here." However you choose to remember your loved ones on your wedding day just remember to have your photographers pay extra special attention to it. Those are important pieces of your life and should be photographed and remembered always.

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