Four Weddings Jam Packed with Love | Ferndale, California

What could be more romantic then planning a year of love and celebrating that love? For Tessa that's this year, and for Josh he wanted to make sure his new bride had the most romantic year ever. They didn't having one wedding, they had FOUR. This was their second. Their first was back home with his family; a more traditional vow and celebration. This one was her family and most of their friends; which included the walk down the isle, the vows, the tears, and a celebration too. The next will be atop a mountain, and the last one will be the 'legal' one and not be with anyone else there besides the officiant and witness required by law. They wanted the last one, the legal one, to be the most intimate of all. Josh must be a true romantic because I couldn't think of a more precious way for him to celebrate his new Bride's birthday 'year' together than to have multiple weddings in all their favorite spots, with all their favorite people.

His care for his Bride went into even more detail than that. Years ago she traveled the world and brought him back a gift. A stone that she acquired in Tibet. Little did she know that one day that opal will be back in her possession, on her finger, as her wedding ring. She found what every woman hopes to find in a relationship; someone to care and adore her. Someone to be a partner and best friend.

Tessa is a relaxing calm. One of the most sweetest girls you'll ever hope to meet, and during the speeches it was no surprise that her two best friends have been close with her for many years. Proving that she values strong bonds and lasting relationships. She's also a very thoughtful and creative person, having planned and laid out the entire of Ferncottage for their day! She spent all summer making different jams to give as party favors to her guests, with the quote "Thanks for making our day Jam packed with love". Her attention to detail and caring of everyone else shows just how much of a kind soul she is.

We were very lucky to have shared this day with Josh and Tessa, and are happy to know that they are both in good hands; each others.

Awesome Vendor Team

Photography: JMPhotography

Venue: Fern Cottage

Florist: Country Living Florist and Fine Gifts

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