Flower Crown Inspiration for Your Wedding Day

Flower crowns aren't new in the wedding industry. In fact fresh flower crowns have been a popular accessory all over the world for centuries. It's also steeped in tradition as well as meaning.

For example, in Greece it was especially popular to wear them at special occasions to honor the gods.

In China, the orange blossom crown was custom to wear during a wedding. Since orange trees blossom and bear fruit at the same time, they're meant to symbolize fertility. So they often were worn to bring children into the new marriage. Even Queen Victoria wore an orange blossom wreath in her hair when she married Prince Albert in the 1840's.

Flash forward almost a hundred years and the North American flower crown really took off in the 1960's.

For awhile it became synonymous with the hippie culture, and in turn flower crowns became a blooming symbol of love. Although the hippie style was a subculture in America, the flower crown still had an impact on mainstream fashion, bringing the flower crown into style at weddings across the country.

Now-a-days flower crowns are as different and diverse as any wedding accessory. Some Brides choose to go all out with flowers completely enveloping themselves in blossoms, while others have strayed from full on crowns to flower accents placed in their up-do's with combs or barrettes. They're so easy to personalize with different floral options and we don't see them going away any time soon.

Are you considering wearing a flower crown on your wedding day? Check out the many many great ideas on Pinterest, and find a florist who can make your vision come to life! Don't forget to pin your favorite images from here too!

For even more detailed information on Flower crowns and their uses in different cultures, here's a link to Wikipedia. It's an interesting read and full of great information on flower crowns and head wreaths!

While flowers are an amazing way to polish off your wedding look, here are some really excellent tips on making sure you get quality photos of all aspects of your wedding! Head over to Every Little Detail to learn more!

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