Are wedding cakes a thing of the past?

Being in the wedding business we've seen a lot of trends come and go, and one that we've noticed is happening less and less is the cutting of the cake. Now cutting of the wedding cake really is more of a tradition than a trend, so maybe it's safe to say that the trend is not having a wedding cake? Here are some cake-less options that our couples tend to be opting for, and that you might want to consider for your own wedding!

Doughnut bar

Doughnuts are a pretty great option. They come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. They also can be handheld and easy to consume!

Pie Bar

Oh man, we LOVE ourselves some pie, and we may be guilty of suggesting pie as a dessert option to most of our clients. But hey, when you love something so much you want to share it with everyone you know! If pies are your thing, maybe you too will have a delicious selection at your wedding.

Dessert Bar

This is the perfect option for those who love sweets, but don't want to stick to just one thing. You can put pretty much anything on this list at a dessert bar, and everyone will love you for it!


If you really are fond of cake, but want something that'll be less mess and easier for your guests, then cupcakes make a great compromise.

Fruit Cobbler

We've been fortunate in our wedding photography journey that we've sampled many homemade and traditional dishes. Not only is adding a family dish to the day a wonderful nod to your family, but is a delicious unexpected choice that everyone is sure to love!

Candy Bar

The choices aren't limited to pastries! Plenty of folks have candy that they've loved since childhood, and that make a splendid appearance at their weddings.

S'More Love

Now, this is another option that we love seeing at weddings. This dessert forces people to get involved, often breaking the ice with guests who don't know each other yet, and resulting in good conversation and a good time. All over this warm tasty treat.

No desserts/cake alternative at all

Not everyone is into desserts, and you may be one of them, looking over this list to see if there's anything less sweet to serve your guests after the dinner is all said and done. A nice bread, cheese, and fruit board might be a good option to have put out for your guests. It pairs well with wine and good company.

As you can see there are alternative options out there! Every wedding is unique and every couple is unique. Talk to your partner and see what fits your style and vision. Pin your favorite image to your wedding inspiration board, and don't forget to follow us on Pinterest!

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