Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet!  This is where we showcase our work, talk about weddings, and let you know a little bit about us, and how we'll work with you to create amazing portraits and capture timeless wedding memories.

So, a little bit about us!  First, we're a husband and wife team.  We love working weddings and we really enjoy working together.  Our home base is the Pacific Northwest, and more specifically Seattle Washington!  We've transplanted to King County from California's famous Humboldt County; where we grew up and honed our photography skills.  Although back then we were learning photography in a class setting, and on actual film.  We've since evolved alongside the digital industry, refining our artistry as we go.  Every wedding brings fun elements and challenges that keep things interesting and unique!  It keeps our skills sharp and our portfolio diverse,  just how we like it! 


Giving our experience with film photography and digital, we use a variety of vintage and modern equipment to give all of our clients a natural yet modern edge for their shoot.  Check out the rest of our website (don't forget to hit up the blog!) and when you find yourself unable to restrain yourself any longer, head on over to our Book Now! section.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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